“An engrossing and delightful concert, which truly engaged the audience.” 
———   Presenter, Richter Arts Association, Danbury, CT

Here are some of the groups that Wendy performs with

They are available for concerts and educational programs throughout the year.
A Two of Harps
The Fontenay Chamber Players
A Celtic Celebration with Monica Peterson

Solo Performances

The Magic of the Harp – a varied concert program showcasing this amazing instrument.

Valentine’s Program – Great love songs delivered in a delightful way.

Irish/ Celtic Program –.  The harp is the national symbol of Ireland, and so important to Celtic culture and the music is so heartfelt that it stirs us all.  This program incorporates history and story, too.

Holiday Program – Holiday favorites, beloved classics, and new delights from around the world.

Harp and Organ Concert – hear the amazing blend of these two magnificent instruments.

Religious Performances

Wendy plays frequently for a wide variety of religious occasions: concerts, special services, weddings, funerals, and more. She performs a wealth of music with choirs, soloists, organ and bell choirs.