“You are amazing, in that one always feels inspired, no matter the level, when working with you! Thanks for your patient advice. “
———   Adult Student, Greenwich, CT

A Unique Approach for Each Student

Wendy loves to find what works for each individual person, and to tailor the harp lessons to the student, with music they particularly love. She frequently incorporates theory study into the harp lessons, and many of her students work with her on their own compositions as well. Wendy is classically trained in the French Harp method. She also teaches Celtic harp, Irish music and popular songs as well.


“We are so grateful for all you have done to turn Emma into a wonderful musician.  You have been so patient with her and kind.  I could not ask for a better role model for my child.”
– Parent of Student, Darien, CT      

Students of All Ages

Wendy teaches harp to students of all ages, including high school students who use their harp skills as a special part of their college applications. Wendy also teaches adults, ranging from college age to their 80’s. Many love to get together and play ensembles, which Wendy organizes regularly. Wendy’s students have won awards for harp performance from the National Federation of Music Clubs, the American Harp Society, the Stamford Symphony, London’s Royal Academy of Music and Manhattanville College.

Wendy’s students have been accepted to Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, MIT, Columbia, USC, London’s Royal Academy of Music, and many more prestigious programs and have performed at Tanglewood, Carnegie Hall, and in orchestral tours of Europe.

Harp Lesson Length and Frequency

Wendy suggests a 45-minute harp lesson, or for a more advanced student, whose music is longer, a 60-minute lesson. It is essential for a beginner to have regular weekly harp lessons so as not to develop bad habits and practice them for a long time. Of course, practicing is essential to make progress with the harp, or any instrument: 20 minutes 5 times a week is a good starting point. That can be two 10 minute sessions for a young child.

Harp Rentals

Wendy has a number of student model harps that she rents out on a month to month basis. They range in price from $55.00 – $100.00  a month, depending on the age and model of the instrument.  It’s a great way to try the harp and experience its magic.

Creating a Musical Environment That Encourages Growth

Students are encouraged to perform in many annual events, live or online, including the Schubert Club’s Young Musicians’ Festival each Spring, masterclasses, the annual student recital, and the week-long Elyrica Summer Harp Program, which focuses on playing in harp ensembles. Many of Wendy’s students play in their school ensemble or local youth symphony and Wendy is able to help them with the music, often writing arrangements to enable her students to play with these groups.

Elyrica Summer Harp Program


Wendy also offers harp coaching for more advanced students who want to work on a specific piece, or towards a specific goal, or to rehearse with a chamber music group. These harp lessons can all be done in person, or with online lessons.

Wendy’s students come from many towns in Connecticut and New York, and from further distances for online lessons, including:

In Connecticut


New Canaan


In New York


Mt. Kisco
New York City
Pound Ridge

South Salem